Josephine Wojtusiak Artist

Image The visual arts have always been an inspiration. It started early on in childhood.  Our household was a place where art and music were encouraged and pursued. Whether painting, designing and making clothes or costumes, constructs made by hand have always been my passion.

At first, attempting representational paintings with very realistic images took hold. Eventually it was the brush stroke and the placement of shapes and colors that spoke to me. Combining both I found my place; a reference to reality executed with my perception.  There were varied inspirational subjects: i.e.: the shadows created by the late afternoon sun on a fall day, images sent to me from the Iraq war, the mesas of The Southwest, a face on a movie screen, Nordic rune symbols, the lush green of the East End lowlands, and the intense blue-lit atmosphere of Montauk.

Josephine M. Wojtusiak

Currently a Resident of Montauk NY, Formerly Brooklyn NY

Assoc. Liberal Arts, Hunter College CUNY
BFA Long Island University, Southampton NY