Sea & Sky Abstract Landscapes
My home environment is one of sea and bay vistas.  The horizon on water is a daily blessing.   Both the sea and sky are each reflections of the other and often are interpreted as a seamless transition from air to water.
Mesa Magic
There is magic in the mysterious formations of canyon, desert, and the mesas.  Having spent time in Arizona and New Mexico, the Southwest landscape made such a deep impression on my visual perception of that terrain that I felt the need to translate my memories of it to paint and canvas.
Relief Textured Abstracts
Adding texture to canvas gives a ‘relief sculpture’ feel to abstract painting. It becomes a tactile experience as well as a visual experience for the observer.
Through the Trees
There is a fascination for me when looking through the barren woods in winter to the ocean in the distance.  The trees are seen as a veil through which a moody landscape reveals itself.
Life as Runes
The inspiration of the Nordic Rune symbols and their meanings gave me a linear compositional component which I intertwined, creating a labyrinth of color from which inadvertently emerged a ‘stained glass’ effect.
Expressive Abstracts
My emotional response to personal circumstances and experiences are expressed in color and composition on these canvases.
Representational Art
The play of light and shadow on everyday places and the allure of looking into a scene through doors or windows prompted me to create works that illustrate those elements as more im portant than the actual subject (occasionally with some exception).